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Welcome to the BioSciences Imaging Centre,  

The Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience established its Imaging Centre partly as a means by which other departments in UCC and external users, have access to its equipment and expertise. The Imaging Centre provides training and support in all aspects of brightfield microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, electron microscopy and imaging and analysis. The Biosciences Imaging Centre is located on the ground floor of the BioSciences Institute.  

For further information please contact: 

Dr André Toulouse, Director, Biosciences Institute Imaging Centre, Biosciences Institute,University College,Cork. Tel: 353 (0)21 420 5477 Email:


Suzanne Crotty, Senior Technical Officer, Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience, BioSciences Imaging Centre, Biosciences Institute, University College Cork. Tel: (021) 490 1350 Email:



Imaging Centre online booking system

This system has been designed to streamline instrument bookings and record keeping.

Upon completion of training, all users in the Imaging centre will be given access to the online booking system. Users may then  easily and efficiently book instruments that they have been given access to, an view their usage record and plan their research.




Getting Started 


1.   Open On-line Booking System link from Department of Anatomy Webpage


2.   The Booking system home page will appear, click anywhere on the page and the log in popup as below will appear. 


3.   Insert your username and password and login. Note: To receive a password you must be a trained and registed user of the imaging centre.  


Creating a Booking 

1.       Click on the HOME tab to begin.

2.       Click left mouse button on time slot required. A pop up will appear 

3.       DATE - Ensure that the selected YEAR, MONTH, DAY and TIME  are as correct.

Check the start and end time. Only book instruments ON THE HOUR  i.e. 9.00-12.00  (not 9.30-12.30)

NOTE: When changing views the calendar tends to change its date in so PLEASE ensure you check the month and year as well as booking date carefully. 

4.       NB*NAME -  Fill in your full name and contact telephone number.    (text will scroll to allow for long entries)


   e.g. Mike Barry ext 1234 or  James O’ Riordan (086) 1234567  not Just Mike or M B

this informaton will appear on the screen and other bookers can see who has booked.  If there is a problem you can be contacted

5.       MEETING NOTES -In the meeting notes section, you can add any private notes etc.

6.       SEND EMAIL CONFIRMATION -  If you are booking through a shared account ie 4th year or Research Groups, insert your email address into the BOOK AS section.  You will then be sent an email confirming your booking, with a calendar link.

7.       BOOK 

Booking Etiquette

·       Use care when booking, please ensure that you will be available to use the instrument at the time that you have booked.

·       If you  need to cancel a booking please give 24 hour notice of cancellation by telephone or email to Imaging centre staff


This booking system is designed and maintained by Bereniece Riedewald if you have any questionscomments about this online booking system please email